"Making Friends With Yourself" Self-Compassion for Teens Teacher Training

"At long last, a self-compassion training for teens! This delightful, innovative program captures the essence of self-compassion for an age group that needs it the most. Wholeheartedly recommended!”
- Christopher Germer, Ph.D.

Everything always changesThe MFY Teacher Training is an intensive, 7-day program facilitated by the creators of the program offering. Lorraine Hobbs, MA and Karen Bluth, PhD. The training is built around the eight weekly classes, followed by small group activities designed to give attendees opportunities to practice teaching, guiding and facilitating discussion of that session with the close consultation of the teacher trainers. In addition, the training includes short talks and group exercises to. An essential part of the training also includes how to include parents in supporting their teens throughout the program. This interaction between MFY instructor and family members can help prevent the daily practice from becoming a battleground between parents and teens. Participants will be provided with the essential materials to teach MFY.

Training Objectives

At the completion of the MFY Teacher Training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the core themes and practices presented in each of the eight sessions of MFY
  • Understand the rationale for the modifications made from the adult MSC program
  • Describe different ways of involving parents so that they can appropriately engage and support their teens in their practice
  • Identify obstacles for teens to learning mindful self-compassion practice and strategies for overcoming these obstacles
  • Deepen one’s understanding of key elements in teaching mindfulness and self-compassion practice to teens

Target Audience

This 7-day intensive is intended for those who wish to teach the MFY program in an educational, clinical, or community setting.

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