Program Format

mPEAK 3-Day Tentative Schedule

Thursday | 5:00 - 7:00 pm PT Introduction Session

Friday | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PT

Saturday | 7:00 am - 5:00 pm PT

Sunday | 7:00 am – 12:00 pm PT

While the curriculum can be tailored for specific settings, teams and organizations, the basic mPEAK program is formulated as a 3-day intensive followed by 6 weeks of virtual integration sessions to deepen the participants mindfulness practice and integrate the four pillars of mPEAK into daily routines in the workplace, the training environment or in competition. All sessions provide a forum for dialogue, questions and comments.


Inhabiting Your Body
The first section of the course establishes the body as the primary focus of attention and platform upon which mindfulness unfolds. It is designed to introduce participants to the experience of mindful awareness of the body, including interoception and proprioception.


Getting Out of Your Own Way and Letting Go
The second section is devoted to addressing initial challenges encountered by participants, the universality of the wandering mind and the fruitlessness of trying to stop the mind from wandering. Recognizing “story” and the way in which we think influences how we perform.


Dancing With Pain and Working with Difficulty(Fear, Stress and Failure)
The third section is intended to challenge the notion that avoidance is the best strategy when it comes to difficulty arising (e.g. pain, fear, stress, failure, etc.) and to use the experience of working with the body as a way of grounding oneself in the moment in the face of difficulty.


The Pitfalls of Perfectionism and the Glitch in Goals
This final section deals specifically with the contradictory nature of some concepts and attitudes that seem to be positive, but have some hidden limitations. Perfectionism and self-criticism can seem to be good motivators, but research clearly shows that people perform more effectively when motivated by encouragement, reward and self-compassion. Specific exercises and practices will be taught to address these findings and support people in finding optimal ways to motivate themselves and achieve their goals.


These sessions are dedicated to checking in with participants, supporting their ongoing practice through inquiry, discussion and mindfulness practice. Each session will also include a specific relevant topic to focus the meeting and reinforce the importance of continued practice. (Note: These sessions are offered via Zoom virtual meeting platform).

The 3-day mPEAK Intensive Workshops are offered at our Center. Contact us at if you have questions or requests. 


Bringing mPEAK to Your Team or Organization

In order to make this program available to interested organizations and individuals outside of the San Diego area, we will offer the program as a package to sponsoring organizations, companies and teams in a package similar to its original form. Our trainers will come to your location for the 3-day intensive training retreat and then all participants will be eligible to attend six weekly 60-minute online video follow-up sessions hosted by one or more of those trainers. Please contact us at for information about scheduling, pricing, and adaptations of the program to suit your particular needs. We welcome inquiries regarding disseminating the mPEAK program within a larger organization that may entail a "train the trainers" model and ongoing support of trainers in various ways.

mPEAK Coaching

mPEAK Coaching will introduce you to all the formal mindfulness practices offered in the mPEAK course as well as the specific tools and exercises that are most relevant to your personal performance goals.