Continuing Practice

Mindful Living Practice Groups for Graduates and General Public with CFM Teachers 

Our group program participants along with general public are warmly invited to our Mindful Living Practice Groups. 

You are invited to attend these sessions to help continue your practice and integrate mindful living into all aspects of your life. The intention of these groups is to compassionately sustain each other in our mindfulness practices. Also those with no experience are welcome to join as a way to begin to explore mindfulness practice.

This practice group will engage in the meditation practices that are typically experienced in our programs. Practicing together and sharing experiences will provide a framework to continue and deepen your formal practice, thereby cultivating mindful awareness to bring into all aspects of your life. 

These practice groups are offered on a drop-in basis without prior registration. 

There is a suggested donation of $10-$20 per session to support the teachers. (Any amount is graciously accepted.)

Practice Session for People from Diverse Communities (every 3rd Thursday of the month):

Join us as we work to achieve a world where the beauty of every individual is acknowledged. Our intention is to practice with individuals who have been racially discriminated against or who have been exposed to or impacted by racial discrimination. We do this in hopes of creating a community of compassion and empathy that promotes acceptance for self and others.

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​Day/Time (PT)



​Monday Mornings

Please contact Jennifer for details.

Jennifer Miller

Monday Evenings


Please register online to participate in these weekly session.

Helen Kim

Tuesday Mornings



Please register to participate in the weekly sessions. 

Noriko Harth

Wednesday Mornings

Please contact Livia for details.

Livia Walsh

Every Third Thursday of the month

Practice Session for People from Diverse Communities:
Please register to participate.

Helen Davis
Helen Kim
Lorraine Hobbs
Lisette Atala
Mariana Ampudia
Noriko Harth

Friday Mornings

Online. (In Spanish)
Please contact Lisette for details.

Lisette Atala 

Half-Day Retreat for CFM Program Graduates

Are you a graduate of one of our mindfulness programs, and looking for a "booster" or opportunity to support, rejuvenate, or nourish your mindfulness practice? 

We are happy to offer occasional "continuing practice" mindfulness workshops in an effort to meet this desire that many of you have. Come join other program graduates in a three-hour "retreat style" morning of practice facilitated by an experienced mindfulness teacher of the Center for Mindfulness. This is a gift to yourself - an opportunity to slow down, quiet down, reconnect with your meditation practice, and remember why mindfulness practice benefits you so greatly.

We will engage in a quiet morning of practice, coming together in noble silence as you may have experienced in the all-day or half-day session of your program. We flow through a series of mindfulness and loving-kindness practices including walking, sitting, and movement. At the end, we come out of silence, and the teacher will facilitate time to reflect and learn from one another.


*Half-day Retreats are on hold until 2023.