mPEAK Coaching

mPEAK Coaching will introduce you to all the formal mindfulness practices offered in the mPEAK course as well as the specific tools and exercises that are most relevant to your personal performance goals. In our 45-minute weekly private phone sessions we’ll continue to build on what’s already working well in your life/ work/ sport as well as explore any obstacles that might be holding you back from performing at your peak. Each week you’ll be coached around deepening your mindfulness practices and integrating the insights you gain from those practices into new perspectives, behaviors and actions.

Who is mPEAK Coaching for?

  • Anyone committed to improving his or her performance in life, health, work or sport
  • Those who’s busy schedule or location prohibits them from attending a group mPEAK course
  • Someone who feels they’d benefit from more personalized attention on specific aspects of their performance
  • Participants who’ve already completed an mPEAK group program and want to continue exploring their edges and strengthening their practices

Benefits of mPEAK Coaching

  • Develop greater focus and concentration
  • Tap into the power “flow states” during performance events and everyday life
  • Learn to be present to the process and let go of attachment to outcome
  • Practice responding wisely to stress rather than reacting out of fear
  • Develop resilience by learning how to be with emotionally difficult or physically painful experiences
  • Leverage personal strengths without over using them
  • Honor and stretch your personal edges without giving up or burning out
  • Recognize and shift from critical to compassionate inner self talk
  • Process and learn from inevitable mistakes and failures
  • Cultivate introceptive body awareness in both stillness and motion
  • Make the personal distinction between “perfectionism” and “commitment to excellence”

For more information, questions or to sign up for a 6 or 12 week mPEAK Coaching package, contact Pete Kirchmer.

Peter KirchmerPete Kirchmer
Mindfulness Coach and mPEAK Program Director



The mPEAK 3-day Intensive Workshop are offered at our Center. Contact us at if you have questions or requests.



Request Information

If you are interested in receiving more information about how you might arrange for our trainers to offer the mPEAK program in your organization or geographical area in an intensive format or to explore options for professional training so that you or others can teach the program, please contact us at the link below for more information.