Online ATTI: Growing Into the Heart of Teaching MBSR-Dharma, Embodiment and the Refinement of Intention

An advanced MBSR teacher training, qualifying on the UCSD Certification Pathway, and open to all MBSR teachers with all levels of experience for personal enrichment, and community building.
While MBSR is emphasized, this training is also open to MBCT teachers and will count towards certification as well.

The experience of teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is unlike most other experiences in life, and the opportunities for growth, expansion and transformation are almost limitless. This advanced training is intended to enrich and deepen this journey of teaching MBSR through practice, learning, reflection and sharing. Intended for those who have taught at least two full MBSR or MBCT courses, this program will draw upon your own experiences, challenges, breakthroughs and insights within a community of fellow teachers as a means of learning from each other for the good of our participants, and of ourselves.

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