WorkLife Integration Program

The WorkLife Integration Program (WIP) at the UCSD Center for Mindfulness is responding in an innovative and dynamic way to the rising concerns about the negative impact of stress on workplace productivity and employee health. Studies show that approximately 75% of all illness is related to stress and 83% percent of employees report that work is a significant source of stress. Add to this fact that the World Health Organization has estimated that stress has cost American companies more than $300 billion each year, and it is clear that we are facing a serious workplace problem. 

Contrast these dismal statistics to those from companies with effective employee wellness programs. Recent research shows that companies with the most effective health and productivity programs achieved 11% more revenue per employee, delivered 28% higher shareholder returns and had lower medical trends and fewer absences per employee. And companies that invest more than average in employee training outperform the market by 45% and have returns that are 86% higher than those companies that spend less than average. 

Our WorkLife Integration Programs address the stress and pressures that work and life have on our minds and bodies, work performance and personal lives. Our programs introduce a variety of stress reduction methods, educate employees about the important role they play in their own health and wellbeing, and assist employees in creating their own individualized mindfulness practices. The tools we offer help participants develop a healthier relationship with stress, one that allows them to control their response to stress and not be reactionary. We aim to be a catalyst in reducing stress statistics and to influence more human-centric, sustainable workplace cultures. 


Mindfulness practice as a normal part of daily business and personal life can inspire:

Learning Objectives

Program participants will be able to:

  • Define mindfulness and workplace benefits 
  • Learn the latest neuroscientific and clinical research underpinning mindfulness 
  • Notice how stress impacts the mind and body 
  • Manage distractions to focus on what matters  
  • Understand their own emotional triggers and physiological reactions 
  • Access clarity and calm in high-stress, high-stakes situations 
  • Listen and communicate more effectively and with more empathy 
  • Apply mindfulness in business interactions and tasks such as emails, conversations, meetings, decisions, and problem solving. 
  • Integrate experiential practices into their daily lives: seated and walking meditations, mindful eating, mindful movement, mindful communication 
  • Create and sustain a daily mind training practice  

Program Offerings

Any of the following can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness: a 4-6 week program introducing various mindfulness practices and integration into the workplace 
  • Mindful Working Micro Sessions: 30-minute topics applied to the workplace. 
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): the most scientifically supported program, 8 weeks of weekly 2 ½ hour classes 
  • Mindful Performance, Awareness & Knowledge (mPEAK): a mental-emotional brain-training program, offered as either an 8-week program or a 3-Day intensive 
  • Lunch & Learns: fun, experiential 45-minute sessions introducing the benefits of mindfulness practice in the workplace 
  • Mindfulness Consulting: partnering with stakeholders to develop and implement strategies to integrate mindfulness into overall corporate operations and culture 

The company benefits from holding the mindfulness program by having a “more mindful individual that will be able to be more focused at work, more productive and generate a more cooperative environment. A win-win situation for all.” 
- Introduction to Mindfulness course participant

For more information, questions, or to sign up contact:

Shannon Jordan, MA
Worklife Integration Program Co-Director
UCSD Center for Mindfulness


Cheryl ShahCheryl Shah
Worklife Integration Program Co-Director
UCSD Center for Mindfulness
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