Introductory Program in Mindfulness & Compassion Practices

Join us for a ninety-minute experiential workshop on Mindfulness & Compassion Practices. This workshop is designed to help participants understand and cultivate moment-to-moment awareness through gentle movement, focus on the breath, and the encouragement of a kinder, more compassionate way of relating to their mind and body.

During this Workshop, participants will learn how to...

  • Practice mindfulness, self-compassion, meditation, and yoga.
  • Increase ability to relax while resting in the present moment.
  • Improve ability to cope with stressful situations.
  • Release tensions and increase energy.
  • Cultivate skills in being present to bring more joy, creativity, and happiness into life.


Please note that CFM requires a minimum of 4 registrants to hold the workshop.

Cost: $24.95

(Those who have completed the 90-Min Mindfulness and Compassion Practices Workshop will receive a $20 discount towards their 8-week MBSR or 8-week MSC registration. To receive the discount, please email us at

Who should attend this workshop?

Anyone with a curiosity about mindfulness, meditation, and yoga as it is presented in our Mindfulness-Based and Compassion-Based programs! This workshop is for people who have little to no experience or would like to jump start their practice with these methods, including those who are considering taking our center's programs, such as MBSR and MSC, and people looking for community and on-going opportunities to practice Mindfulness.