MBSR Teacher Training Resources

Below are a variety of documents for your use and reference.

MBSR Mentorship Packet UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness Professional Training Institute

MBSR TTI/Online MBSR TT Participant-Booklet by Steve Hickman, Beth Mulligan and Allan Goldstein

Guided Audio & Video MBSR Practices on UCSD Center for Mindfulness site

Finding Your Place on the Path Self-Reflection on Becoming an MBP Teacher by Steven Hickman, Psy.D.

Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling by Edgar H. Schein

Buddhist Foundation and MBSR Talk by Beth Mulligan

Mindfulness of our Time by Crane, R.S., Callen-Davies, R., Francis, A., Francis, D., Gibbs, P., Mulligan, B., O’Neill. B., Pierce Williams, N.K., Waupoose, M., Vallejo, Z. (2023)

Resources to support a socially engaged Mindfulness Based Program pedagogy

Safety Toolbox prepared and assembled by Willoughby Britton, Ph.D.

Foreword to "Teaching Mindfulness" by Reibel, D, McCown, et all)"; Kabat-Zinn, J.

Mindfulness: The Heart of Rehabilitation by Kabat-Zinn, J. Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation. 2002

Mindfulness Meditation: What It Is, What It Isn’t, And Its Role in Healthcare and Medicine by Kabat-Zinn, J. Comparative and Psychological Study on Meditation

The Role of Intention in Self-Regulation: Toward Intentional Systemic Mindfulness by Shapiro, S.L., Schwartz, G.E.

Mindful Practice by Epstein, R.M.

How Does Mindfulness Meditation Work? Proposing Mechanisms of Action From a Conceptual and Neural Perspective by Hölzel, BK, Lazar, SW, Gard, T, Schuman-Oliver, Z, Vago, DR, Ott, U

Some Reflections on the Origins of MBSR, Skillful Means, and the Trouble With Maps by Kabat-Zinn, J. Contemporary Buddhism, 2011

Holding the Heart of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: Balancing Fidelity and Imagination When Adapting MBSR by Dobkin PL, Hickman, SD, Monshat, K. Mindfulness 2013

This Is The Hour: A Call for Reflection and Introspection in the Field of Mindfulness by Hickman, SD. Mindfulness, 2015

Investigation: Listening as Deeply as We Possibly Can by Narayan and Michael Liebenson Grady

A Contemplative Dialogue: The Inquiry Process in Mindfulness-Based Interventions(2016); By Susan Woods MSW LICSW, Patricia Rockman MD CCFP FCFP, and Evan Collins MD FRCPC

In the Service of Life by Remen, R. Noetic Sciences Review 1996

Mindful Yoga: Movement and Meditation by Kabat-Zinn, J.

Understanding the stress response. Harvard Health Publishing Harvard Medical School March 2011/May 2018

Types of Stressors (Eustress vs. Distress). Mental Health.Net

MBSR: An Invitation

Poetry Collection

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