MBSR Orientation Video

​In order to participate in a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction class, please watch the MBSR Orientation Video and review course expectations outlined on the Practice & Learning Guidelines page. Once you have done this, review the upcoming course schedule and you can register online. Please note that you save $50 if you register more than 30 days in advance for one of our classes.

Free Consultations

Interested in meeting with a member of our Teaching Staff? We offer free consultations with our staff over email or over the phone in order to provide advice on which of our Group Mindfulness Courses (Such as MBSR, MSC, & Youth Programs)may be right for you. Keep in mind that our teachers host these sessions on a volunteer basis, so if you are unsure if you are able to attend please refarain from signing up. To schedule a consultation, sign up here:


Watch the MBSR Orientation Video