ME-CL Mentorship

One-on-one mentorship (which can include web-based video conferencing for those not located near an approved mentor) is seen as a key component of development for new, as well as experienced, teachers of Mindful Eating – Conscious Living (ME-CL) Teacher Certification, providing the intimacy of a close connection with a seasoned teacher as well as the venue for open and honest exploration of challenges, breakthroughs, insights and possibilities that inevitably arise in teaching the program. The MBPTI has defined mentorship as: “A contractual arrangement between a mentor and mentee which focuses on a mentee’s mindfulness-based teaching in secular settings and supports the ongoing development of personal practice. The purpose of this arrangement is to promote competency and best practice skills for teaching mindfulness in secular settings and to encourage the relevance of applying the principles of mindfulness in everyday life”.

We have assembled the ME-CL Mentorship Program to assure that each trainee has an educational and inspiring experience of the mentorship process, and have carefully chosen each of our approved mentors based on their years of experience, training and wisdom.

The Process

Upon enrollment in the ME-CL Certification Pathway of the Institute, your next step will be to identify and engage a UCSD-approved mentor from the list below. It is important that before contacting one of the mentors via email, that you carefully review the Mindful Eating – Conscious Living (ME-CL) Teacher Certification.

Next, take the time to read each biography and consider contacting the mentor to arrange a brief phone interview to get a sense of whether you feel comfortable with this mentor. The arrangement is between you (as the mentee) and the mentor, so once you have determined that it is a good fit for both of you, you can jointly complete the contract and make arrangements for your regular mentorship sessions. Note: Your mentor will notify the MBPTI when you enter into a mentorship agreement with them, and will track the dates and times of sessions for reporting to the Institute for Certification purposes. However, it is required that you maintain your own record of sessions.

The Finances

While your financial arrangement is between you and your mentor, we have asked the UCSD-approved mentors to agree to a base hourly rate for trainees in the United States of $155 (US), but we also appreciate that this rate may not align with local economies in the different countries where ME-CL is taught. Our mentors are prepared to consider these local factors when determining an agreed-upon rate. We also know that individuals have varying financial circumstances and may need some consideration for these circumstances. If the fee is a financial hardship for any reason, then you are encouraged to discuss this with potential mentors and see if you can mutually agree upon a fee that is acceptable to both parties.

The Mentors

Take the time to consider each of the mentors listed below and reach out to any that seem like a good fit. You will be spending a significant amount of time in contact with your mentor (over the phone, online or in person) and you should choose carefully before proceeding.

Cuca AzinovicCuca Azinovic, based in Madrid, Spain, is an ME-CL Certified Teacher, receiving her certification through the University of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness. She is also an ME-CL Certified Mentor. Additionally, she is a Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) trained teacher. Cuca has been teaching both ME-CL and MSC programs since 2014 and in 2016 she joined Nirakara Investigación & Ciencias Cognitivas (Spain) where she was asked to take on the responsibility of developing and expanding a mindful eating initiative for professionals and lay people.  She holds a Masters degree in Mindfulness in Health Contexts from Complutense University. Cuca is a trained therapist in Compassion Focused Therapy for eating disorders (CFT-E), developed by Dr. Ken Goss & Paul Gilbert. She currently serves on The Center for Mindful Eating board since April 2018.

She adores her family (including two little dogs), her allotment in which she meets with nature, and the natural processes of life and her garden.

In her own words: “I understand scarcity as the hunger that exists in our heart, despite living in full material abundance. This existential hunger, which can be manifested as lack of love, loneliness, rejection, or isolation, often determines our way of relating to food. By connecting with the heart and bringing awareness and presence to the act of feeding ourselves, we gradually nourish our existence, connecting with the fullness and abundance that are present at all times, alleviating suffering and recovering our dignity.”



Lisa RiguaLisa Rigau, MS, BSN, RN is a registered nurse, nutrition counselor, and community educator. She is a certified ME-CL teacher through University of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness. In 2018 she became a Certified ME-CL Mentor of new teachers. She is a qualified MBSR teacher, trained through The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society at UMASS Medical School. She sits on the Preventive Medicine Advisory Board at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.

Since 2003, Lisa has provided private and group education in health promotion and disease prevention with an emphasis on mindfulness-based interventions. For the past sixteen years, Lisa has worked as a private contractor for the University of Scranton helping students struggling
with disordered eating, eating disorders, poor body image, nutrition, and stress to move toward greater health, ease and wellness utilizing mindful eating, mindfulness and health education. Her passion is to help people to gain awareness and empower their own optimal health and well-being using a mindful approach to nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management.

Lisa received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Delaware. She received her master’s degree from Marywood University in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science. Lisa is an avid cook, loves nature, salsa dancing, and traveling.
“The joy of living is found in the immeasurable freedom to care for one’s self.” – Lisa Rigau

Contact Lisa Rigau: