Recommended Books

a-case-for-compassionA Case for Compassion

by Sara Schairer

eBook Publish Date: January 2023

Imprint: New Degree Press

An eBook can be purchased at Amazon and Barns & Noble.

"This clear-eyed vision for a more compassionate world will inspire you to take action in your own community." — Kelly McGonigal, PhD, author of The Willpower Instinct

“Compassion It'—two simple words that are changing the world. Sara Schairer examines how compassion saved her life, and by her actions and the many examples in her book, shares with us how the power of compassion can change yours." — James R. Doty, MD, author of Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon's Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart


compassion for couplesCompassion for Couples: Building the Skills of Loving Connection

by Michelle Becker

Guildford Press

Publish Date: February 2023

“This beautiful book will help couples move their relationships from a place of pain and blame to love and acceptance. Drawing on empirically supported self-compassion practices, the author provides concrete tools to help people open their hearts to themselves so they can open fully to their partners.”— Kristin Neff, PhD, coauthor of The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook

“From her vast experience as a therapist and teacher, Michelle Becker has written a masterpiece for any couple, whether you are seeking greater intimacy or help with serious conflicts. Her advice is grounded in science, with lots of examples and many simple, powerful exercises. Beautiful, timely, and important.” — Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Resilient


teaching-sc-to-teensTeaching Self-Compassion to Teens

by Lorraine Hobbs and Niina Tamura

Guilford Press

Publish Date: April 2022

“Lorraine Hobbs and Niina Tamura have offered us the science and art of how to support adolescents in growing a more integrated brain and compassionate mind in this crucial period of development.…What better gift to give the next generation in a world waiting for them to fully arrive with the skills, kindness, and grit our modern times will require? Thank you for taking the time to take in the wisdom of this book and make its gifts available to all the youth who will benefit from your guidance.” — from the Afterword by Daniel J. Siegel, MD, Executive Director, Mindsight Institute; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles

“If you are a clinician or educator who thinks self-compassion for teens sounds like a good idea—but you don’t know how to teach it—this is the book for you. Through clear instructions informed by decades of experience, Hobbs and Tamura present practical exercises that help teens unlock their mindfulness and compassion and use these qualities to benefit themselves and those around them.” — Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of The Mindful Child


sc workbook for kidsThe Self-Compassion Workbook for Kids: Fun Mindfulness Activities to Build Emotional Strength and Make Kindness Your Superpower

by Lorraine Hobbs and Amy C. Balentine 

New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

Publish Date: March 2023

“Self-compassion is a powerful resource for coping with whatever life sends our way. When adults learn it, they often say, ‘Why didn’t I learn this sooner?’ Well, now we can start to learn at the earliest possible age. This superb workbook captures the depth and scope of self-compassion in simple, totally delightful practices and activities. Highly recommended for parents, teachers, therapists, and anyone who loves kids.” — Christopher Germer, PhD, lecturer on psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, codeveloper of the Mindful Self-Compassion program, and author of The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion

“If you are a parent, grandparent, or work with children, I strongly recommend you pick up this book and keep it handy. Full of practical exercises you can use today, it is a beautiful and accessible handbook for helping kids develop the lifelong healthy habit of self-compassion, which we now know is a key building block of psychological resilience and well-being. As a bonus, when you practice with kids, you are sure to benefit as well.” —Cassandra Vieten, PhD, executive director of the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation; acting director of the Center for Mindfulness at the University of California, San Diego; and author of Mindful Motherhood