Workplace Programs

The Workplace Programs at the UCSD Center for Mindfulness provide individuals, teams, and leaders science-based yet practical strategies to help change our relationship to the constant stress and pressures that characterize our modern organizations. Our programs introduce a variety of stress reduction methods, educate individuals about the important role they play in their own wellbeing, and support individuals in cultivating more focus, awareness, empathy and compassion in their daily lives.

Our commitment is to work together with you to customize a program that meets the needs of your particular organizational culture and supports the employee wellness, performance, engagement, retention, and belonging & inclusion outcomes you care about. Our instructors bring a unique combination of corporate experience and in depth training in mindfulness-based interventions.

Learning Objectives

Program participants will learn:

  • The latest neuroscientific and clinical research underpinning mindfulness and compassion
  • How stress impacts the mind and body
  • To better manage their own emotional triggers and reactivity To minimize unproductive multitasking and autopilot patterns
  • Access calm and clarity in high-stress, high-stakes situations
  • Listen and communicate with colleagues with more empathy, courage and curiosity To bring more focus and awareness to emails, conversations, meetings, and decisions
  • Micro-practices to boost wellbeing and strengthen resilience

Program Offerings

We offer single session programs (60-90 minutes), weekly programs (4-8 sessions), and ½ day, full day and two day immersives/offsite teambuilders. Programs are offered in person or online.

Topics include:


Introduction to Mindfulness

Enhance focus, minimize reactive and autopilot behaviors, learn to manage distractions, strengthen communication with colleagues, and meet life’s demands with more calm and clarity.



Explore science-based techniques to help turn stress into strength, meet unexpected challenges, enhance overall health, develop a resilient mindset, and experience more ease.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Learn how to relate to life’s stressors with more awareness, perspective, and emotional balance through experiential and evidence-based practices for the body and mind.


Mindful Self-Compassion

Develop the capacity to comfort ourselves when we feel inadequate, and to motivate ourselves with encouragement in the face of difficulties and challenges.


Search Inside Yourself (originated at Google)

An immersive mindfulness & emotional intelligence program to build self-awareness, strengthen self-regulation, increase motivation, develop empathy for others, and manage difficult communications more effectively. Makes a great teambuilder!



The company benefits from holding the mindfulness program by having a “more mindful individual that will be able to be more focused at work, more productive and generate a more cooperative environment. A win-win situation for all.” 
- Introduction to Mindfulness course participant

For more information, questions, or to sign up contact:

Shannon Jordan, MA
Workplace Programs Co-Director
UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness


Cheryl ShahCheryl Shah
Workplace Programs Co-Director
UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness
(619) 794-9022


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