Eco Awareness

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century and it can affect mental health either directly through the experience of environmental traumas or indirectly through the experience of emotional distress and anxiety about the future. Our team has curated a list of resources to help with climate anxiety, build knowledge and awareness, and inspire collective, healthy action.

Awareness of the Current State

Honoring our Pain for the World

  • Surrendering to the Earth: A Guided Meditation by Lama Rod Owens on Sounds True One leads us through a mindful discovery of "Surrendering to the Earth and Air" from his new book The New Saints: From Broken Hearts to Spiritual Warriors. (6 minutes)
  • A Meditation on Grief and Injustice by Rachel Ricketts (Injustice of any kind, including justice to our earth and it’s peoples, is exhausting for the body and mind, and it affects all of us differently. Learn to process it in a way that allows for healing. (11 minutes)

The Role of Mindfulness, Empathy & Compassion

Taking Collective Action to Heal our World



Reflections to Take Into Your Mindfulness Practice

What is my own understanding of the state of our world?

What feelings am I aware of around the state of our world?

How well am I holding this knowledge and these feelings?

How might my practice support me? Support our world?


What is alive for me around the climate crisis, the polycrisis? How am I aware of this?

In what ways do I practice to support myself around the polycrisis?

What are ways am I coping with global hurt and grief that are less skillful? …more healthful?


What one small action I can take to feel a sense of agency?

What do I feel calling and purpose around?

What other like-minded individuals or community groups might I connect with?