One Simple Question . . .

If you accept the premise that the present moment is the "place to be" in regard to finding ease, well-being, contentment and equanimity, then the real question becomes: "How do I bring myself to the present moment?"

I have found that there is a very simple but very powerful question (that is also a little bit silly) that can serve as a terrific reminder to become present.

Ready? Brace yourself!

Here it is: Where Are My Feet?

What do you think? Did you try it out? Did you find yourself at least a little bit more mindful and present? And did it bring a little smile to your face too? Think you will remember it in a few hours, days or weeks?

Can't beat that, really, can you? Periodically that simple question will pop up here and it will be a subtle reminder to you that mindfulness can happen in a moment, completely regardless of circumstances.

Where are YOUR feet just now?