Class Attendance & Planning

The classes are held over 8 weeks. To truly derive the full benefit of the course it is best to make the time to commit to being at all 8 of the classes, if you should need to miss a class we ask that you let us know ahead of time so we can assure that you are informed and aware of weekly assignments and any other relevant information.

Our classes are held at various locations (see our locations page).

  • If you have already registered online, make sure to watch the Orientation Video prior to the first class.
  • We encourage you to dress comfortably in loose-fitting clothing (sweats or yoga-type clothing work well) and bring a mat or pad upon which you can lie on the floor for a part of the time. The temperature varies a bit in the room so you might want to dress in layers. We have a few meditation cushions that you may use during the class time.
  • The book Full Catastrophe Living can be purchased at our University City location. We highly recommend that if you are planning on using an MP3 player or iPod, you download the Body Scan and Seated Meditation audio files directly from our website here. If you do that in advance of the first class, you will be all set.
  • NOTE: We recommend that if your schedule will not allow you to attend the first session, or prevents from attending any two sessions of the course, that you consider waiting until the next offering of the program.
  • Should you have any questions or concerns prior to or during the course, please email us at
  • We hope that after having read this material and reviewed the expectations of the class, you are still interested in attending the next MBSR course. We encourage you to contact us soon to reserve your place in an upcoming class.