IONS Online Meditation Research Bibliography

Looking for meditation research? Well, the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) has just published an online Meditation Bibliography with over 6000 citations of published meditation studies around the world. Research at IONS focuses primarily on consciousness and healing, worldview transformation and extended human capacities. IONS views meditation through consciousness perspectives and believes meditation is integral in positively transforming consciousness. IONS defines meditation based on contemplative practices of almost all religions and traditions, which influences the focus of the research in the Bibliography. In collaboration with Steven Donovan, Michael Murphy, a cofounder of Esalen Institute, has created the largest free online resource with abstracts and full-text articles for clinicians, students, scholars, researchers, novices and those interested in learning more about meditation. The bibliography divides the modern scientific published studies on meditation into three categories: physiological studies, behavioral studies, and subjective reports.

The database has a variety of search options and even allows you to see what has been added as currently as today.