mPEAK Coach Certification Program

The process to becoming a fully certified mPEAK coach can be completed in 3 phases, The 3-Day Coach Training Intensive, The 10-Week Practicum and The Mentorship/ Certification Process. Each phase involves more extensive prerequisites, as well as a greater understanding of the mPEAK methodology, more advanced teaching competency and a deeper commitment to personal practice. Below is an outline of the three phases in the Coach Training Pathway.


Phase 1: Coach in Training

Upon completion of the 3-day mPEAK Coach Training Intensive (outlined above), participants will receive a certificate of attendance and are known as mPEAK Coaches-in-Training. At this phase, Coaches-in-Training can share mindfulness meditation practices with friends, teammates, students and clients and coach them to integrate basic mindfulness skills into areas of performance. Coaches-in-Training may feel confident in offering a short (90min) presentation on Mindfulness and Performance but are not qualified to teach an mPEAK course.

Phase 2: Trained mPEAK Coach

Those wishing to be recognized as Trained mPEAK Coaches must complete an additional 10-week virtual mPEAK Coach Training Practicum. Each week selected participants will present specific and unique elements of the mPEAK curricula, and receive feedback from the group and the course facilitators.

Upon completion of the virtual Coach Training Practicum, participants may promote themselves as Trained mPEAK Coaches and begin offering mPEAK in the 3-Day Intensive or 8-Week format

Additional Prerequisites for 10-week Coach Training Practicum

Attendance in at least one 5-day silent, teacher-led meditation retreat Ongoing, daily, sitting mindfulness meditation practice for at least two years

Cost: $1,500

Phase 3: Certified mPEAK Coach

If a participant wishes to become a Certified mPEAK coach, they must apply for mentorship and complete one of the following two options:

Complete 9 weekly mentorship sessions during the process of leading their own 8-week mPEAK course

  • Mentorship sessions will focus on supporting Coaches in Training to prepare for, process learning and review challenges in each class.
  • Cost: $2,250 (based on US rate of $250 per session, For more information see "Estimated Fees")

Promote and co-lead an mPEAK 3-Day Intensive along with their mPEAK Mentor.

  • An agreed amount of mentorship sessions will be completed before and after the co-lead 3-Day Intensive to prepare for and process the event.
  • Cost: Full compensation for the course would go to the Mentor in exchange for the Supervision process around the training. Travel may also need to be covered by the Trainee.

Additional Prerequisites for mPEAK Mentorship & Certification

Extensive formal training or certification in a Mindfulness Based Intervention such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindful Self Compassion, UCLA MARC Trained Mindfulness Facilitator or equivalent experience as determined by the course facilitators

Mentorship and feedback will be based upon the following:

Mentorship can be used to prepare for mPEAK sessions and process specific challenges that arise during the course. Mentorship is also used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Coaches in Training. During the 9-week mentorship, the Coach in Training will be asked to provide two 20-minute video recordings from the following list of mPEAK Core Competencies for review and discussion:

mPEAK Exercises: Straw Breathing Exercise, Ice Bucket Challenge, 3-D Image “Letting Go”, Paperclip Competition Didactic: Intro to Mindfulness, Neuroscience of Performance, mPEAK Foundational Attitudes, Context around 4 Pillars of mPEAK Inquiry: Processing the formal meditation or yoga practice experience Integration: Discussion and processing how to apply mindfulness to any areas of performance

Upon completion of the above, certification is at the discretion of the mentor. If after the Trained mPEAK Coach has completed all three phases of training, it is determined that they are still not yet ready to be certified, the Coach in Training and the Mentor together will co-create a plan for continued support until the professional standards for certification have been met. There may be additional fees for the agreed upon additional support. It is the intention of the mentors to support mentees in moving toward certification as efficiently as is skillfully possible.

Estimated fees for mPEAK Coach Certification

  • mPEAK 3-Day Coach Training Intensive (in-person) & 4-Week Virtual Integration Sessions: $1,500 (with special code)
  • mPEAK 10-Week Practicum (online): $1,500
  • MBPTI Enrollment Fee: $100
  • 9 Sessions of Individual Mentorship for Certification (online) 
    • 1 person $250 / 45min = $2,250
    • 2 people $400 / 60min = $1,800 each
    • 3 people $525 / 60min = $1,575 each
    • 4 people $620 / 60min = $1,395 each
  • 4-Day mFLOW Retreat (in-person): $2,250
  • mPEAK Coach Certification Review Fee: $500


Note: A service charge will be added to all payment transactions.

There will be additional room & board charge for the in-person training programs.