Mindfulness for Teens

In today’s world, teens and pre-teens are under more pressure and experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before. Increasing demand in technology, academic preparation, and life transitions often result in physical and emotional stressors, such as:


  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

These stressors can affect your child’s well-being and happiness. A crucial skill in managing stress effectively is to be able to deal with change whenever it occurs. 

In This Course Students Will Learn To:

  • Sharpen their ability to focus and pay attention
  • Experience life situations with less emotional reactivity
  • Learn effective strategies for making better choices
  • Increase kindness and compassion for themselves and others
  • Learn skills for self-care

The Practice

  • Gentle stretching and yoga
  • Mindful meditation practice to encourage relaxation and awareness
  • Self-reflection through journaling, activities, and group discussion

Cancellation and Policy

Participants who withdraw prior to the 2nd class will receive a full refund minus $50 for the course materials and registration fee. There is no refund after the 2nd class.