MBCT ATTI: Advanced Teacher Training Intensive for MBCT Teachers

Take your next step in developing as a MBCT teacher at this 5-day Advanced Teacher Training Intensive. This intensive interactive training is designed to support the ongoing development of guiding mindfulness meditation practices and cultivating an embodied mindful presence to better practice mindful inquiry. This is done through a mix of didactic, experiential, and small group learning, and includes periods of silent personal mindfulness practice, the opportunity to role-play client-practitioner encounters in a simulated MBCT classroom, self- and within group reflection, and to receive feedback from the trainers. The strong experiential emphasis of this training supports the developing teacher to further discern between the ‘doing’ versus ‘being, non-doing’ modes of mind, gain additional experience teaching from the mode of ‘non-doing’ and further exploring the potential of how embodying a mode of ‘non-doing’ and be helpful for MBCT participants. This training, intended for those who have taught at least five full MBCT courses, will draw upon your own experiences, challenges, breakthroughs and insights within a community of fellow teachers as a means of learning from each other for the good of our participants, and of ourselves.

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