Educational Affiliates

The Associated Health Professions Education Committee (AHPEC) oversees all student programs that affiliate with our UC San Diego Centers for Integrative Health, allowing students from outside organizations to rotate through our clinics and gain learning experiences.  Current AHPEC affiliations include:  

Pacific College of Health and Science 
  • Acupuncture program
  • Medical Massage program
Point Loma Nazarene 
  • Health coaching program

Other medical schools are affiliated with integrative health through the UC San Diego School of Medicine. 

We have working relationships with the University of Arizona fellowship, which has trained several of our faculty members.  We are working with the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) Fellowship, which uses our UC San Diego Simulation Center for its training. Opportunities for enrolling to the AIHM fellowship at a discount for UC San Diego faculty.