Light-Induced Guided Healing Therapy (LIGHT)

Light-Induced Guided Healing Therapy (LIGHT) is a research-backed self-care protocol that implements a hybrid of hypnosis and guided imagery to promote self-efficacy. Albert Bandura, the renowned scientist who coined the term self-efficacy, observed, "In order to succeed, people need a sense of self-efficacy, to struggle together with resilience to meet the inevitable obstacles and inequities of life." 

Be it an entrepreneur or a student, a parent or a coach, an athlete seeking to improve performance or an individual faced with the shifting demands of chronic illness, LIGHT devises opportunities to improve quality of life and engineer new mental pathways to anchor a more positive outlook of life. With practice, we can all develop better mental habits that make life engaging and more rewarding. 

Currently, we offer LIGHT through group programs (8-week or 3-day intensive) and also via individual private sessions (scroll down to see request form at bottom of page). Graduates of LIGHT programs have access to Booster classes

Group Programs 

The LIGHT Self-Efficacy Educational (SEE) programs are available either as an 8-week program that meets once weekly or a 3-day weekend intensive. Both programs constitute roughly twenty hours of material divided into theory, discussions, and experiential sessions. Anyone looking to develop new habits and modify their lifestyle should consider the 8-week program. The 3-day weekend is a compacted Bootcamp model to introduce the fundamentals and acquire the tools for self-care suitable for the busy professional. 

Our educational programs implement the foundational principles of this novel, evidence-based protocol and offer ample practice to embody LIGHT for self-care and continued personal growth.  

Why should one care to build self-efficacy?  

Efficacious people set challenging goals and maintain a solid commitment to them. In the face of impending failure, they increase and sustain their efforts to be successful. They approach difficult or threatening situations with confidence that they have control over them. Having this type of outlook reduces stress and lowers the risk of depression. (Bandura, 1994) 

Conversely, people who doubt their ability to accomplish complex tasks see these tasks as threats. They avoid them based on their weaknesses or on the obstacles preventing them from being successful. They give up quickly in the face of difficulties or failure, and it does not take much for them to lose faith in their capabilities. An outlook like this increases stress and the risk of depression (Bandura, 1994). 

The first pilot study at UC San Diego aimed at exploring the effectiveness of LIGHT concluded that the subjects experienced a 75% decrease in depressed mood. Additionally, LIGHT users also reported desirable benefits such as increased vitality, improved sleep, and pain management (Case et al, 2018). 

The LIGHT framework empowers us to face negative influences and see them transformed in our minds. This simulation of life-affirming images and positive outcomes, when repeated as part of a daily routine, is believed to create new mental pathways that enhance the quality of life. In time, with persistence and repetition, one may eventually cultivate a habit of naturally favoring problem-solving and self-affirming strategies over procrastination or self-defeating practices of the past. 

A second smaller study employed electroencephalogram (EEG) reading and found a broad network of brain systems became increasingly engaged as individuals progressed through the visualization sequence. Notably, in the central and occipital regions, power in the theta (4 - 7 Hz) and alpha (8 - 12 Hz) range declines during post-session relative to pre-session rest baseline (Hsu et al, 2018). 

Alpha-Theta training can create an increase in sensation, abstract thinking and self-control. Suppressed Theta states can improve concentration and ability to focus attention ( 

Wouldn't it be marvelous to have a simple self-care tool that is always available, especially when we are in the thick of it?

Now, we can use every challenging situation as a playground to build our reserve and visualize our goals fulfilled. 

We have designed the LIGHT protocol to invoke and engage the user's full attention toward visualizing an intention fulfilled at its highest. We achieve this by expanding the consciousness within a safe space created mentally for the non-judgmental and unlimited exploration of possibilities. 

Now we can get back in control. 

LIGHT is easy to use and does not require any prior experience with meditation or other forms of mental training. All we require is simple language comprehension skills to enjoy the full benefits of LIGHT. With the continued use of LIGHT, it is possible to build emotional resilience and promote new mental pathways that conform to newly inculcated confident attitudes.  

 With LIGHT, participants have a standard framework that remains the same for every session. However, this framework is pliable and customizable to each individual and their changing needs from moment to moment and day to day. Participants can gain familiarity quickly, and with consistent practice, we can now address momentary challenges with the cumulative efficiency accrued over time.  

Sample Schedule for 8-week LIGHT Self-Efficacy Educational Program  

(The programs are subject to alternations as we gain more insights from further research activity and the active participation of our growing community.) 

  • Week 1: What is LIGHT? Explore the tools you have always possessed that you will now have the ability to implement fully in maximizing your expression of self and the experience of life  
  • Week 2: Affirmations - Understand the power of words and explore their potential to transform your life  
  • Week 3: Basic Meditation Exercises - Simple visualization exercises to establish clear communication pathways with your mind  
  • Week 4: Self-Hypnosis - Go deeper and explore the recesses of your subconscious mind  
  • Week 5: Training and Discipline - Repetition and consistency is the key to developing a habit  
  • Week 6: LIGHT framework - Personalize and create your heaven on Earth  
  • Week 7: Success Stories - Testimonials from LIGHT users  
  • Week 8: Conclusion - Tie all the loose ends and commit to staying on course  

"A single footstep will not make a path on the Earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives."  ― Henry David Thoreau 

Course Highlights  

Explore simple exercises to sharpen your mind and expand your imagination. In the process, discover more of your inherent gifts and dormant potentialities that are waiting to be actualized.  

Discover ways to identify stressors early and methods to put out the sparks in your mind before they turn into forest fires.  

Experience self-love and self-compassion to activate within your being all that you wish to experience in the world. 

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." — Nikola Tesla  

Private LIGHT One-on-One Session

If you would like to set up a private one-on-one LIGHT hypnotherapist session, please complete the form below and give us 24-48 hours to respond. Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to speaking with you. Once you are ready to register and complete payment for one-on-one sessions, click here.