Integrative Medicine in Residency (IMR) Program

The Integrative Medicine in Residency Area of Concentration launched in the Family Medicine residency in 2012 and has grown and adapted since that time.  Currently, PGY 2 Residents in good standing are eligible to enroll in this Area of Concentration.   

Participating residents complete evidence-based modules from University of Arizona Integrative Medicine curriculum and are taught by fellowship trained, board certified Integrative Family Physicians.   

Hands-on experiences include clinical rotations with integrative physicians, acupuncturists, integrative and functional nutritionists, and osteopaths as well as workshops focused on various fields such as yoga, Ayurveda, culinary medicine, osteopathy and acupuncture. 

Additionally, residents can participate in research projects through the Center for Integrative Research and attend national conferences that are held annually in San Diego and beyond.   They also participate in functional medicine case discussions and integrative medicine journal clubs.  

At the end of their integrative medicine training, residents are equipped to:  

  1. Complete a comprehensive integrative medicine history and physical that emphasizes core components of lifestyle such as diet, sleep habits, relationships, and exercise.  

  2. Incorporate and utilize evidence-based integrative modalities with their patients as appropriate with emphasis on applicable skills in botanical medicine, craniosacral therapy or auricular acupuncture.  

  3. Counsel patients on safety and efficacy of dietary supplements including dosing, form and brand quality. 

  4. Develop educational tools to use with their peers or their patients in relation to Integrative Medicine. 

  5. Develop the habit of self-care and utilize stress management skills for themselves through setting wellness goals, meeting with advisors to review these goals and enjoying wellness committee activities throughout the year. 

  6. Define terms including Tai chi/ Qi gong, Ayurvedic Medicine, Mindfulness, and Osteopathic Manual Medicine and be able to write up a brief patient case utilizing the main tenants of these different perspectives.

  7. Demonstrate ability to apply practical nutrition and culinary medicine skills personally and with patients/the public/communities with an emphasis on our free clinic population.