Medical Student Programs

Integrative Medicine is embedded in curricula across multiple learner groups at UC San Diego.  Launched as part of the curriculum renovation effort in 2011, medical students have coursework in Integrative Medicine in the School of Medicine. Mindfulness practice is incorporated into their Practice of Medicine small group learning classes 

Through courses FPM 412 and FPM 428, UC San Diego School of Medicine medical students have the opportunity to observe patient care and provider/patient interactions that include Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine options for therapy or treatments. Learning experiences may include consultations or treatments in integrative medicine, osteopathic manual medicine, mindfulness, mind/body therapy, naturopathy, botanicals, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, and integrative nutrition.  

Residents in Family Medicine (and other specialties) as part of their formal education have access to Integrative Medicine online modules, integrative didactics, and faculty mentorship. See Integrative Residency Program for more details. 

Other integrative courses within the medical school curriculum include:

FPM 242: Lifestyle Medicine Elective

PSY 234:  Mindful Student Leadership Program

Additionally, UC San Diego medical students have formed a student interest group, called HIL-MED (Holistic, Integrative, Lifestyle - Medicine).  This group meets regularly and organizes activities such as Journal Clubs and Speaker Series. For more information, visit the HIL-MED Facebook group