Knife Skills 101


By Kaelyn Riley - Experience Life Magazine

Chop, dice, or mince? Brush up on your prep skills with this guide that explains the differences of six common cuts.
For the unseasoned home cook, recipe jargon can be a bit puzzling. Have you ever wondered how small you should chop a carrot or felt confused about the difference between dicing and mincing? This guide demystifies six of the most common knife cuts, so you can approach your next kitchen project with confidence.

When in doubt, try imagining the finished dish as you’re prepping; that should give you a sense of how big or small you’d like the pieces to be. And be sure to sharpen and hone your knives regularly to reduce the risk of cutting your finger instead of the onions. (For advice on how to hone your knives, see “How to Hone Your Knives.”)

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