PBR Resources

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is emphasizing the importance of Practice-Based Research (PBR) as a practical and real-world approach to advancing clinical research.  Few physicians have training in the importance of and how to implement PBR. We host periodic one-day CME workshops to inform clinical faculty how to conduct PBR within their clinics, and this help advance this important clinical research initiative. 


  • Enhance motivation and ability of clinical faculty to direct/conduct funded Practice-Based Research
  • Identify resources, structures, and processes needed to assist faculty further in conducting PBR research
  • Create initial questions and action items for multiple PBR projects that maximize involvement of clinical faculty

The following materials are available for download from our Practice-Based Research (PBR) and Pragmatic Studies Workshop:

PBR Worksheet

Download all presentations (15MB .zip file) or click on the links below to download individual slides.

  • Practical issues in implementing PBR by Wilson Pace, MD, University of Colorado, Denver
    Summarizes the practical issues of conducting PBR, including the benefits and the challenges encountered and how to overcome them. Download
  • Integrative Medicine PBR; BRAVENET and PRIMIER by Jeffery A. Dusek, PhD, Integrative Health Research Center, Penny George Institute for Health and Healing
    Discusses the advances of Integrative Medicine research and how it is influencing the direction of allopathic practice. Download
  • Overview of PBR Efforts at UC San Diego by Rusty Kallenberg, MD, & William Sieber, PhD, UC San Diego
    Learn about opportunities at UC San Diego, and how to move your practice forward with PBR. Download
  • Resources and Pilot Grants to Support PBR by Paul J. Mills, PhD, UC San Diego
    Discover resources and funding to support your PBR ideas. Download
  • Research designs appropriate for PBR by Shahrokh Golshan, PhD, UC San Diego
    Presents and discusses different design and statistical issues involved in common and practical PBR trial designs and how to collaborate with a statistician. Download
  • Qualitative Assessments by Samantha Hurst, PhD, UC San Diego
    Informs attendees about the use of qualitative data in developing contextualized evaluation/research efforts in their practices, including bridging qualitative data with quantitative data in mixed methods designs. Download
  • Identifying practical and proper endpoints; The Promise of PROMIS by Rusty Kallenberg, MD, UC San Diego
    Discusses the NIH PROMIS questionnaire system and how to use it for PBR. Download