Specialty Services

The following “specialty services” are available as one-on-one individualized counseling packages, or as a group visit “class” format:

  • Natural Healing and Cooking
  • Digestion Therapy Intensive 
  • Natural Total-Body Cleanse
  • Comprehensive Elimination Diet for Food Allergies
  • Integrative Weight Management
  • Integrative Pre-natal, Post-natal, and Pediatric Nutrition
  • Post-surgery Nutrition and Support
  • Integrative Diabetes Mellitus Series
  • Integrative Hypertension Series
  • Dysbiosis Nutritional Treatment

Some of these packages may include cooking demonstrations with a professional chef, and some may include health coaching. Please inquire for further details.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in participating in any of the above listed services, or as a group course, please let us know by filling out the Contact Us information here! We will use your feedback to prioritize and design integrative nutrition one-on-one packages and groups to navigate a path to wellness.