Nourishing Women: A Woman’s Health Nutrition Series

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Course Description:

Nourishing Women: A Woman’s Health Nutrition Series is a four-part course that will explore optimizing diet for hormone health, therapeutic foods, and lifestyle considerations for women of all ages.

These classes will provide participants with tangible and relevant nutrition information to help care for and nourish their body throughout rhythmic cycles and stages of change. It will also serve as a place for community and support among equals.

These four recorded sessions will each be a one-hour long. Video links provided with registration. 

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Class One - The Foundations

  • Introduction to Hormones
  • The Menstrual Cycle
  • Nutrition for Hormone Balance
  • Therapeutic Foods and Recipes

Class Two - Metabolic Health and Hormones

  • A System-Wide Assessment of Hormone Imbalance
  • The Role of Body Weight, Blood Sugar, and Thyroid Health
  • Nutrition Basics
  • Therapeutic Foods and Recipes

Course Three - Lifestyle and Environmental Factors Affecting Your Hormones

  • Evolutionary Mis-match
  • We Are What We Eat and We Are What Our Food Eats
  • Stress, Sleep, and Physical Activity
  • Therapeutic Foods and Recipes

Course Four - Nutrition Considerations Through the Lifecycle

  • Dietary Changes
  • Supporting Fertility and Pregnancy
  • Perimenopause to Menopause Transition
  • Therapeutic Foods and Recipes

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are classes like?
  • Class fees for all four classes are paid in full at registration and are non-refundable  

  • Classes will cover both educational and practical information for improving your hormone health with nutrition

  • Recipes are featured at every class and by the end of the course a full day(s) of meals will be provided

Who should take this class?
  • Adult women ages 18 and older
  • Those interested in learning how nutrition and lifestyle influences hormones and woman's health
  • Individuals moving through a period of transition - puberty, pregnancy, or menopause
  • Those who may be experiencing any of the following:
    • Endometriosis
    • PCOS
    • Ovulatory challenges and PMS symptoms
    • Fertility and menopause
    • Undesired symptoms related to hormone imbalance
What can I expect from participating?

You can expect to… 

  • Gain foundational information about woman’s health and hormones 
  • Learn nutrition basics 
  • Understand the role of therapeutic foods throughout the female life span  
  • Learn to adapt your current diet to one that supports optimal hormone health 
  • Have possible symptom improvement through implementation of suggested recommendations 
  • Have the opportunity to ask the integrative registered dietitian questions in real time
  • Behavior change support and a community network  
Will I be provided a meal plan?
  • Each class will include several therapeutic food recommendations and recipes.

  • An additional 2-week meal plan will be available at an extra cost.  Please inquire with if interested.

Will refunds or reimbursement be offered for missed classes?
  • Class fees for all four classes are paid in full at registration and are non-refundable 

Who teaches the course?
  • One of our integrative registered dietitians  

  • This class can be taken in addition to seeing the integrative RD on a one-on-one basis.

How can I meet with an integrative registered dietitian individually?

Please contact our navigation team at 844-747-0474 to discuss insurance coverage and scheduling for a clinical UCSD Integrative Nutrition appointment. Please note, a referral from one of you medical providers is required.