Practice-Based Research

Practice-based research (PBR) is original investigation undertaken to gain new knowledge by means of clinical practice and the outcomes of that practice. Our Centers have several PBR initiatives underway and serve as a repository of supportive PBR resources for clinicians interested in research.

PBR supported by the Krupp Endowed Fund makes combined use of data generated by the UC San Diego Centers for Integrative Health’s current and future clinical interventions, programs, and services. PBR permits study of the effects of these interventions in a wide range of health conditions impacting our community. This data is routinely collected as a part of patient care and addresses outcomes in patients in the context of their existing care (rather than in an artificial treatment situation, such as that in a costly randomized clinical trial).  Hence, PBR can address questions of direct relevance to patient care in the “real world.” As a result, PBR is a cost-effective method for conducting research that has become increasingly utilized in all fields of medicine and has been adopted by many Integrative Medicine centers across the country.

We are also a member of the national 20+ member PBR network, BraveNet, through which we participate in the PRIMIER (Patients Receiving Integrative Medicine Interventions Effectiveness Registry) data repository project.  PRIMER focuses on collecting standardized health data and patient outcomes across academic health centers.

BraveNet active studies:
  • PRIMIER: 5,000 patients
  • CBD: UC San Diego, UCSF and Northwestern
  • ACUITY:  NCCIH-funded U01 multicenter feasibility trial (Cleveland Clinics, Vanderbilt, UC San Diego) studying Acupuncture in the Emergency Department
The value of practice-based research:
  • Creates new gold standards and best practice guidelines for the field of Integrative Health through validated methods
  • Establishes integrative medicine as essential in promoting health and in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease
  • Underscores the potential for integrative and natural therapies in treatment of and/or supportive care of both acute and chronic conditions
  • Promotes widespread practitioner awareness of and patient access to integrative interventions across healthcare