Magnesium Supplementation Study

Effects of Magnesium Supplements on Brain

Individuals with a History of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Needed

The UCSD Department of Radiology is conducting a research study. The study needs individuals who have a history of overweight and metabolic syndrome (elevated blood pressure, low HDL, elevated triglycerides, increased waist size, and/or elevated fasting blood sugar). Participation involves an initial blood test to determine eligibility for the study, 12 weeks of dietary supplement intake (Magnesium and Vitamin D), 2 MRI scan sessions, and total 3 visits to La Jolla with 3 fasting blood draws (including the initial blood test and MRI scan sessions). You may qualify if you:

  • are Aged 18–65 years and speak EnglishSupplements
  • are not pregnant
  • don’t have a history of anemia
  • don’t have a pacemaker, metal fragments, surgical clips
  • don’t have allergies to Magnesium or Vitamin D, and are not currently taking Magnesium or Vitamin D supplements

Compensation is up to $105.

Please contact or 619-663-3641 for more information.

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