Integrative Nutrition

Integrative nutrition combines principles of medical nutrition therapy with integrative and functional medicine to provide counseling, education, and guidance for personalized, whole-foods-based diet and lifestyle recommendations. Areas of focus include dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, specific foods, meal timing, meal patterns, physical activity recommendations, collaboration with health care team, nutrient analysis though lab work and physical assessment, medication interactions, functional foods and supplement suggestions. Integrative nutrition is especially useful for preventive care to optimize health or for individuals facing nutrition-related challenges such as:

  • Diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, weight loss for overweight or obesity (BMI>25), gastrointestinal
  • Symptoms/illness (intestinal dysbiosis, IBS, IBD, gastric bypass, surgery to primary or supporting digestive organs),
  • Thyroid disorders, food allergies, cardiovascular disease, significant exposure to antibiotics, chronic use of PPI or
  • NSAIDs, inflammatory conditions, mitochondrial dysfunction disorders, cancer,
  • Mood or memory disorders, or for advanced athletic/fitness training.

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