Natural Medicine Physician Counseling

Natural medicine (NM) is a timeless approach to wellness and healing that is based on the premise that by adopting a balanced whole food, plant-based diet, healthy lifestyle, and use of natural therapeutics, each of us has the power to prevent and often to reverse many seemingly intractable health problems. NM is also an evidence-based integrative medical modality that combines conventional and alternative as well as eastern and western perspectives and practices on healing and wellness. Those receiving NM counseling are provided with recommendations for and ongoing structured support in the use of:

  • A nutritionally and energetically balanced whole food, plant-based diet as a foundation for health
  • Supplementation as needed with medicinal foods, teas, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and homeopathics
  • Home remedies such as hot/cold packs, nasal rinsing, and self-massage
  • Meditative exercises such as yoga, t’ai chi, and even mindful walking and swimming

NM counseling also provides: (a) supportive feedback on the pros and cons of conventional therapies (e.g. drugs, surgery, other procedures) some patients may be using or considering, (b) careful guidance on how to optimizecombination of NM and conventional modalities, and (c) for those seeking alternatives to drugs or surgery or to reduce or eliminate existing medication use, guidance as well as communication and coordination of care with other health providers. NM may also be particularly helpful for those seeking guidance in prevention or management of:

  • Prostate, breast, colon, or any other type of cancer
  • Elevated cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes
  • Obesity or weight management
  • Psychological, sleep, or stress-related disorders
  • Autoimmune, musculoskeletal, neurologic, dermatologic, ophthalmic, or other physical conditions
  • Energy-based treatments such as acupuncture and massage