Drs. Paul J. Mills, Jacqueline Kerr, Pam Taub and their colleagues are conducting a research study aimed at helping older adults referred to cardiac rehabilitation become more physically active.

The purpose of this study is to test whether a physical activity program in cardiac rehabilitation clinics can be led and sustained by trained adults.

You may qualify if you have been prescribed 36 sessions of cardiac rehabilitation at UCSD Step Family Clinic Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.

You could earn up to $225 for 4 brief testing sessions, including blood draw, 7-day activity monitoring, health interview, and questionnaires.

There are two groups in this study; one that employs traditional cardiac rehabilitation techniques for improving physical fitness among cardiac patients (STANDARD) and one that employs peer Health Coaches to augment cardiac rehabilitation (HEART-PLAY).  Study participants will be randomly assigned to cardiac rehabilitation as usual or a novel, exploratory approach, depending on clinic session.

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To learn more: (858) 534-3495 or IntegrativeResearch@ucsd.edu