HEART-PLAY Supplement

Though there isn't a lot of evidence for the health benefits, dietary supplements are in wide use by adults in the United States especially among adults with, and at risk for, cardiovascular disease.

International surveys suggest as many as 42% of people with diagnosed cardiovascular disease take dietary supplements.

The reasons most often cited for supplement use are:  overall health and wellness (58%), to fill nutrient gaps in the diet (42%), and to improve energy/reduce fatigue (25%).  

However, in cardiology patients, 82% indicated they were taking supplements specifically for their disease.  

Further, supplement users are more likely than nonusers to eat a balanced diet, visit their doctor regularly, get a good night's sleep, and maintain a healthy weight, which raises the question:  Are there independent effects of supplementation on symptoms or their severity in cardiology patients when diet, demographics and existing symptoms are considered? 

If you are a UC San Diego Health Cardiology patient, being treated for one of the following medical conditions:

  1. myocardial infarction
  2. coronary artery bypass surgery
  3. stable angina
  4. heart valve repair or replacement,
  5. coronary angioplasty or stenting
  6. congestive heart failure, including pre-symptomatic heart failure.

Please consider participating in our research study, led by Drs. Paul Mills, Pam Taub, and Ryan Bradley.

Participation involves a single study visit that includes a blood draw, dietary recall survey, questionnaires, health history interview, and measurements of your balance, posture, and ability to stand and walk a short distance.  You'll receive compensation up to $50.

No additional supplements or medication use required.

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